L'Onion Marmalade L'Onion Relish
2012 Special Edition
L'Onion Marmalade
The Original Onion Marmalade
L'Onion Marmalade
New Red Onion Relish
      …sweeter, richer
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L'Onion Stand
It all started with a passion for food and a little young enterprise from my three girls.......”daddy can we do a shop?” “Yes” I said, “but lets make something that people might want to buy. A doll with one arm might not sell too well!”

So Redston Road onion marmalade was born. Having been enjoyed by family and friends as an accompaniment to cheese and food from the BBQ, it was time to share with the locals. When stocks sold out on the street, and the girls went back to school, the production expanded and local retailers provided the support. Now it’s available for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Enjoy!
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